Be a part of Siddhagiri Madhuban Honey Cluster and flourish in honey business

11 Sep

DateSat 11 Sep 2021 - Sun 12 Sep 2021

Time10:05 AM to 06:05 PM

Shri Siddhagiri Math has submitted a Project Proposal under the Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI) to KVIC, Mumbai. Under this scheme, Math created a cluster entitled “SiddhagiriMadhubanHoeney Cluster” which will work on following objectives:

1.       To organize the existing beekeepers from Kolhapur district into cluster to make them competitive and provide support for their long-term sustainability and economy of scale;

2.       To provide sustained employment for beekeepers;

3.        To enhance marketability of products of such clusters by providing support for new products (like beewax, royal jelly, pollens, bee venom, etc.) design intervention and improved packaging and also the improvement of marketing infrastructure;

4.        To equip beekeepers of this clusters with the improved skills and capabilities through training and exposure visits;

5.        To make provision for common facilities and improved tools and equipment for beekeepers to promote optimum utilization of infrastructure facilities;

6.        To strengthen the cluster governance systems with the active participation of the stakeholders, so that they are able to gauge the emerging challenges and opportunities and respond to them in a coherent manner;

7.        To build up innovated and traditional skills, improved technologies, advanced processes, market intelligence and new models of public-private partnerships, so as to gradually replicate similar models of cluster-based regenerated traditional industries.

Therefore, we are challenging to existing beekeepers from Kolhapur district to come ahead and be a part of this cluster as earliest. 

Name of contact person- Dr. Parag Turkhade, Mob. No.9834764529

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Be a part of Siddhagiri Madhuban Honey Cluster and flourish in honey business