Siddhagiri Hospital and Research Centre (SHRC)

Siddhagiri Hospital and Research Centre (SHRC) was established in 2010 amidst the hillocks of Kaneri village in the district of Kolhapur. The necessity of making medical facilities available to the marginalized section of the society was underscored for the first time by the late Shree Kadasiddheshwar Swamiji Maharaj. This dream was later fulfilled by his successor Shri Adrishya Kadasiddheshwar Maharaj. Villagers, devotees and many other inspired minds had come forward to contribute their bit for this noble deed. The large amount for building the hospital was raised from Siddhagiri Museum and still contributes to support the treatment of the needy.
Today, SHRC has been acknowledged as the premiere healthcare institution with the mission of providing all the modern healthcare amenities at affordable cost to 'ALL', irrespective of their religion, caste and class.

Unique Philosophy:

Mission - 'निराधारांना आधार' i.e. 'Hope for the Needy'

SHRC's 'charity wing' makes sure that the vulnerable section of the society is not deprived of any of the medical care. The wing ensures that the needy ones get all the assistance by availing various schemes such as, Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Yojana and Vajpayee Arogyashree Yojana. SHRC has been functioning on the basis of 'no profit - no loss' principle. Till date, over 2 lakh surgeries, free of cost, have been carried out at SHRC. This unique approach had forced competing hospitals in the vicinity to reconsider and restructure their 'price chart’ and improved the quality of the treatment of the patient.

Ground Work

Also, a team of doctors from SHRC regularly visit the surrounding villages and carry out a number of cancer detection and eye screening camps. The Mobile Eye-Care Unit of SHRC, till date has reached to more than 4600 people in 38 villages of Kolhapur and Belgaon district. Besides, camps for dental checkup, ECG checkup and neuro health checkup are also carried out regularly. Through its polio and squint treatment camp, SHRC doctors have treated over 500 patients free of cost

In times of natural calamities, the medical team of SHRC has shown courage by providing the needed care at the respective disaster sites.

Infrastructure And Functions

Spread across 17 acres of land and nestled amidst the serene environment of Siddhagiri Math, the hospital is the perfect 'healthscape' for all the patients and their kins. Today, SHRC with state-of-the-art facilities, 200+ bed capacity and a team of efficient health professionals, has carved out its unique space in the healthcare sector

Besides providing specialized care in neuro and spinal emergency cases, SHRC has also been catering to all other regular needs like joint replacement and laparoscopy.

SHRC diagnostic division comprises various facilities like CT scan, X-Ray, EEG, ECG and MRI, which are available to all, at affordable charges. The hospital treats various ailments including skin diseases, paralysis, stomach diseases, diabetes, soriasis and infertility. Well-equipped OPD and IPD here caters to diverse needs of true multi-speciality hospitals and serves over 200 patients every day at a minimal price.

Highest level of comprehensive cardiac care is provided here. The department of cardiology houses a modern Cardiac Catheterization Lab and 2D Eco facility (with Colour Droppler), is equipped to handle all the requirements of angiography, angioplasty and critical cardiac surgeries. It also provides comprehensive end-to-end cardiac care consisting of Interventional Cardiology care, Non Interventional Cardiology care and Intensive Cardiac Care.

A state-of-the-art operation theatre, an Intensive Care Unit with 30 beds, a well-equipped pathology lab, special pediatric wards, dialysis units and round the clock available dedicated staff here make sure that patient’s health is restored at the earliest

A well-stocked in-house drug store, 24 x 7 available ambulance service and an inviting cafeteria, at SHRC healthcare is redefined! To facilitate further the patient’s stay, all the major health insurance companies are listed here, thus taking care of all the health insurance claims! The private rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities that are necessary to comfort the patients and their kins

Siddhagiri Hospital is now aiming to make hospital billing counter-free, i.e. free of treatment for needy patients

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Siddhagiri Ayurdham


Ayurveda, one of the oldest healing sciences, has always upheld a holistic approach towards health. Over the years, It has helped people to live long, healthy and in a balanced environment. Being practiced in India for the last 5000 years, Ayurveda treatment describes the process of life as a highly dynamic one where the different functions in the body are harmoniously integrated. For a person to be healthy, this harmony needs to be preserved. This indigenous science has helped an individual to achieve equilibrium through its manifold time-tested treatments.

स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणं, आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं।.

This fundamental holistic approach has helped Ayurved doctors to design and develop various healthcare models of diagnosis and therapy.


With this noble intention of helping everyone to achieve the ultimate state of physical and mental equanimity, Siddhagiri Ayurdham was established at the campus of Siddhagiri Math in 2010. Siddhagiri Ayurdham nestles amidst the blessed spiritual heritage of Siddhagiri Math and the serene beauty of Mother Nature. Your stay is a promise of a rejuvenated essence of a happy life for sure!

Mission/Belief: 'serving the patients is serving the Almighty'

Ayurdham with over 50 beds, a fleet of doctors and the paramedic staff make sure that every ailment is treated with utmost care and professionalism. Every year thousands from various parts of the county land here to avail the benefits of Ayurveda. Healthy diet, spacious accommodations and yoga are an integral part of your stay at Ayurdham.

Across India, Ayurdham has been widely acknowledged as the centre which successfully treats disorders like psoriasis, Nagin and infertility. Various allergic and gynac ailments too are treated with care and concern. In the last few years, the urban population has at once become health and diet conscious and trying to figure out credible ways of dealing with issues like weight gain or weight loss. At Ayurdham, such issues are dealt with scientific rationale which is rooted in the philosophy of Ayurved.

Panchakarma Treatments:

Panchakarma is all about detoxifying the body and experiencing rejuvenation. Panchakarma is one of the most effective treatments in Ayurveda and it has been prescribed on a seasonal basis for everyone.

The Sanskrit word Panchakarma means “five actions” or “five treatments”. These five methods are used to clean the body of toxic materials which are left within the body due to various reasons like disease or unhealthy lifestyle. An IT professional from a metropolis or a farmer from a remote village, a government employee or corporate personnel, a college-going youngster or a senior citizen, so called 'modern lifestyle' is hardly sparing anyone.

Generally, any human body has the innate capacity to efficiently remove these unwanted elements. However many times this act of 'removal' is not achieved by the body because of several issues like, unhealthy dietary patterns, lack of exercise, genetic predisposition, stressful lifestyle or hormonal imbalances. Accumulation of such toxic elements can even lead to some serious diseases.

Panchakarma with its unique five methodologies promises to remove all such toxic elements from the body and purifies the tissues at the deepest level. Panchakarma, a five-fold therapy is customized for everyone depending on his/ her Ayurvedic 'constitutional type', 'doshik imbalances', age, digestive strength, immunity and so on

The treatment includes number of ways:


In this approach, vitiated 'doshas' are eliminated out of the body by 'medicated vomiting'. This treatment is effective mainly against 'Kapha' disorders, obesity, respiratory symptoms and many more...


This treatment is effective against 'Pitta' disorders, skin diseases, hyper acidity symptoms and many more.


In this treatment, medicated oil or ghee is administered through the nasal route. The treatment is effective against ENT disorders like sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and many more...

Jaloka Charan:

As a part of this treatment, leeches are used to suck impurities out of your body. This treatment is useful to treat skin disorders, joints swellings and many more.


In this treatment, medicated oil or 'ghee' is administered through anal route. The treatment is effective on 'Vata' disorders, constipation, degenerative disorders and many more.


By using various medicated oils and by giving gentle pressure on 'marma', the body and mind is infused with energy. This treatment increases skin tissue strength and promotes vitality.


As a part of this treatment, medicated oil is poured gently over the forehead in continuous rhythmic movement. This results in a fantastic sense of deep relaxation and inner peace and helps in dealing with anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress. At Ayurdham, patients with neurological disorders are regularly rehabilitated using this technique.

Kati/ Greeva/ Janu Basti:

This treatment aims to provide relief from back pain, cervical pain, knee joint pain using various medicated oils.


This is a specialized herbal treatment for weight reduction. A herbal powder is applied all over the body and the massage is done in a specific manner.


This is a special treatment in which the eyes are bathed with pure medicated ghee. It's a soothing technique for the relaxation of strained eyes.


A specialized herbal treatment in which fresh plants are fried with several other herbal ingredients and then massaged all over the body. It helps in easing the stiffness in joints and musculus.

Swarnabindu Prashan:

On the auspicious occasion when Pushya Nakshatra forms in the firmament, the consumption of Swarnabindu, i.e. combination of genuine and purified 'gold bhasma' and Ayurvedic herbs, is considered to be the most beneficial health care practice

According to Ayurveda, the right time of administering Swarnabindu is the formation of Pushya Nakshyatra in the sky. In the Vedas too, Pushya nakshyatra is given a special importance as Goddess Lakshmi was born on this 'Tithi'

'Swarnabindu Prashan' is useful to deal with all kinds of diseases and if administered regularly from the birth year of a kid (till he/ she is 14 years old), it contributes to a great extent in the development of an intellect

Every parent desires that their child should be brought up as a healthy and intelligent human being. With this mission of raising and building intellectually sharp, healthy and responsible generation, Siddhagiri Ayurdham has been relentlessly engrossed in the mission of 'Swarnabindu Prashan' for the last 15 years. The ingredients of 'Swarnabindu' viz. Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, Vaacha, Yashtima, Jyotishmati, Gaduchi, honey and Ghee contribute in improving the power of receptivity, memory and intelligence of a child. Every month, over 200 kids from surrounding villages avail the benefits of Swarnabindu Prashan.

Over the years, 'Swarnabindu Prashan' has proved helpful in manifold ways:

-Improves immunity to fight against all kinds of diseases.

-Improves child's receptivity and memory

-Improves skin complexion

-Improves digestion and immunity

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