Vision behind Go-Tirth

With an intention of conserving the native breeds of Indian cows, Swamiji decided to establish a Gaushala in 2005.

Manifold breeds were brought in at one place from across the nation. Several farmers were persuaded not to sell their ageing or injured cows and all of them were treated at Gau Shala. Neighboring villages too were urged not to send their cows to slaughterhouses.

वाणी रसवती यस्य,यस्य श्रमवती क्रिया।
लक्ष्मी : दानवती यस्य,सफलं तस्य जीवितं।।
Awareness Program on Deshi Gau
Gau Bank
The Math houses India's first of its kind initiative called Gau Bank. At this bank, farmers can donate their ageing or ailing cows. Gau Shala treats all such cows and restores their health to normalcy...
Gau Parikrama
Meaning of Hymn: If we do namaste with full devotion and diligence to Gau (Cow) and all the Devatas (Demigods) present in Gau (Cow), the sin of the ten births is obliterated by doing that one...
Gau Kumbh Mela
The festival of a Go Kumbh Mela was celebrated with great pomp in the Kolhapur district. On this occasion, the devotees worshiped the mother cow and prayed for the happiness and prosperity of their families.
Setting up Gau-Shala
What to focus before setting up a Gau-Shala
  1. Milking Ward
  2. Down calver shed/ calving ward
  3. Calf ward
  4. Young cow ward
  5. Nandi Wada (Bull shed)
  6. Isolation shed
  7. Quarantine shed
If you wish to setup a Gau-shala in your village or area, please see the details here
Gaushala Setup
Economic Sustainability

The Gaushala has proved beneficial in more ways than one. Due to Gaushala, now, the Math has a sustainable energy source in the form of biogas.

Vermiculture Siddhagiri math supports organic farming. For that, Vermicompost is prepared. Vermicompost the product or process of composting using various worms Read More
Jeevamrut is a liquid organic manure which is an excellent source of natural carbon and biomass that contains macro and micro nutrients required by crops.
Electricity generation Bio-Gas
In goshala, biogas is generated using cow-dung and slurry. Using this biogas electricity is produced. Daily, 30 Horse power electricity is generated for 4 to 6 hours.
Saptadhenu Parikrama
7 different colours cows are placed round the tree. People completed many pradakshinas (a round circle around 7 cows) at evening. This activity increases the immunity power due...
Medicine Preparation Centre
Math encourages preparation of swadesi products (products of Indian manufacturing). Hence the Siddhagiri Goshala has a team which prepares the medicines and other daily
Siddhagiri Go-Shala Product
Most of the products are made up of Indian cow products like Panchgavya, Gomutra and Gomay. Use of these products increases the immunity power and reduces chances of...
Food Arrangements for Cows

Azola Grazing Field

In a view to provide fodder to the cows of Goshala, an innovative initiative was taken by the Swamiji. On the land stretch of over 30,000 sq ft, tanks measuring 6 X 10 ft were prepared with multiple layers of soil, cow dung, cow urine and water. Azolla seeds mixed here with these layers, soon grew into an aquatic floating fern and today, it has proved to be the best fodder source for cows with high nutritional values.