Siddhagiri Naturals

Siddhagiri Food processing unit to be launched in Siddhagiri Math premises

Siddhagiri Food processing Unit – project envisioned by P P Shri Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji decentralizes the process of food making, industrializing it in a systematic manner in order to provide employment and business opportunities to rural villagers. This includes distributing various processing units of machines with respect to making oils, snacks, chiwada, candy’s, juices, biscuits, flour, dal pulses processing, etc. So the equipment will be distributed to the artisans who are skilled in making the final products. This project will produce 16 categories of products edible oils, flours, flour products, powders, juices, candys, muramba, dal, pulses, biscuits, healthy snacks, namkeen, sweets, Bhakari, mukhawas, Chutneys, panchagavya, hygine products like ayurvedic sanitizers. More than 100 products will be made. The products will be prepared in a decentralized manner. The produce will be collected at one location. Quality check will be done, packed and deliver. Marketing will be done through various distribution centers like e-commerce platforms, shops, and franchises. The aim is to set a trend in villages to reverse the migration from rural areas to cities. Villagers should stay inside the village itself and they should not leave the villages for occupation. The infrastructure is getting established at the Siddhagiri math premises.

For more enquiry: Mr. Divij Patahare +91 9833889828.

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