Success Story

Shri.Vinod Jaijairam Shinde, KVK Success Story

Why Organic Farming?

Farmers Name: Shri.Vinod Jaijairam Shinde

Address: Village. Shendur, Tal. Kagal, Dist. Kolhapur

Mobile No.: 9420008770

Brief description of the innovation or Success Story:

Vinod Shinde is an innovative farmer having total 06 acres of land (03 acre owned and 03 acre

lease). He has on his 03 acre a modern broiler poultry farm on 0.25 acre since 2016. In one year

he is taking 5 batches of poultry birds containing 20000 to 21000broiler birds. Initially he got 03

batches of birds. He is adopting various good animal practices like adequate vaccination of birds

with Gumbaro and IBD. He is proving good amount of feeding to birds in 3 steps (Pre-starter,

Starter and Finisher). He is using EM solution which is totally natural and effective method for

ensuring healthy poultry and it is used in rearing sheds, but helpsin suppress the disease, and

rapidly eliminate and control the ammonia produced by their droppings, as a result the air quality

improve radically.EM is added to the feed and water - the beneficial microorganisms will

improve the gut flora of the birds, making digestion more efficient and thereby helping to reduce

feed costs. He is giving 1ml/liter of water to birds. He is getting a good amount of poultry

manure 8000 kgs/batch which ultimately yielded in 05 batch 40000 kgs of poultry manure.


It’s Marketability:

He has a direct link with poultry companies and selling broilers to them. These companies are

purchasing all these birds from his farm directly. He is earning 3,20,000 from 05 batches of

broiler production. Apart from this he is selling poultry manure directly to other farmers and

getting 70000-80000 rupees in a year.

Linkages and Convergence:

He has direct linkage with broiler companies. He is getting all technical advises from the KVK,

Kaneri, Kolhapur for rearing and maintaining the birds of good health and quality. 

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