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Siddhagiri Naturals, a pathway to a healthy life and prosperous farmers.

As the production got improved on the parameters of quality and quantity, the need to establish a valid platform of marketing was realized. It led to the establishment of a marketing chain which promised minimum support price to the farmers, thus lowering the risk of loss. Currently this platform shaped into a profitable and reliant business model catering organic vegetables across Kolhapur known as ‘Siddhagir Naturals’.

Siddhagiri Naturals is an initiative by P.P.Adrushya Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji, to increase the income of farmers and provide people with quality organic produce. This initiative was started in 2018 by launching Siddhagiri Farmers Producer Company Limited, and ever since has impacted more than 500 farmers has supplied organic produce to more than 10000 people.




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The misery of Agricultural sector

Gorakhnath used to sit with his harvested brinjals on the roadside every day for 8-10hrs but doesn’t get enough to feed his family and make savings for future farming after days of immense hard work. He was in an immense loss.

Tanaji feels helpless when the dalals rob him of a price for his tomato harvest that he deserves. Tanaji didn’t know how to get out of this vicious cycle.

Farmers have started to leave farming for doing low paying 12-14 hour physically gruelling shifts in industrial areas. Repercussions of not getting a good value for their produce is resulting in poverty, poor education, deterioration in health and rendering their precious soil useless. They are in dire need of systematic and sustainable help.

Decreasing immunity levels and severe health conditions in early stages of life has become a common trend in people. A particular Taluka in Kolhapur alone has close to 30000 cancer patients. Overuse of pesticides and chemicals during farming often results in such issues walking directly into the house of farmers and the customers who buy their produce. These conditions have a direct correlation with what we put inside our body. Thus there is a need for trustworthy chemical-free farming and produce.

How does Siddhagiri Naturals work?

Our farmers are provided with a one stop solution for selling their produce at a constant rate throughout the year regardless of the fluctuations in the market. This has saved them a lot of time and energy as well as cut-off all the ‘dalals’ between them and their prosperity.

We are also training them in practicing organic farming and are tracking them for the produces authenticity. We have doubled the income of close to 500 farmers and the numbers are just rising.

Lack of marketing and sales is what farmers are struggling with. This is what we are solving by providing people with access to fresh home-delivered organic produce. Today we an established ecommerce platform which accepts orders of people in the Kolhapur city. We seal pack these vegetables and have them home delivered to them the very next day.

Our customers are driven by the need for this concept and can actually taste the positive difference in these organic vegetables.

We have been able to bridge the gap between the farmers and the customers. We have managed to cut-off several middle men and connect customers to a source of healthy and trustworthy farmers.

We are currently impacting 500+ farmers and have served 10000+ customers.

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